Toenail issues

Are your toenails sore, ugly, ingrown, fungal, thick or are you embarrassed with your toenails?

Are your toenails painful? Are you embarrassed with them? 

We can help.

The most common complaint we see with toenails is Ingrown toenails. These can be painful and can lead to infections. Early treatment means better health outcomes and, often, better results. We can assess and help in numerous ways to relieve your pain with an ingrown toenail whether we supply antibiotics or perform surgery, even if it is as simple as advice on how to cut your nails properly!

Fungal nails are a common issue. We can get your nail looking better and find a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle. 

Thickened nails can be sore. We can make you more comfortable and prevent health risks associated with thick nails.


Don't put off your pain, you shouldn't suffer in silence. 

Book an Initial Appointment if you haven't been before or a Full Treatment for most nail conditions.

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Ugly Toenails

Feel great, look amazing!

Let’s face it, sometimes we hate how we look more than how we feel.


If you have any of the toenail issues listed above or have previously had a toenail removed, did you know we can make it look better?

Gel Toenail Reconstruction allows us to create a temporary toenail which can get your feet looking amazing!


We can hide fungal, thick or damaged nails. If you have previously had a nail removed, we can create a nail in the short term over the area it is missing.


Book in for Toenail Reconstruction. If you would like a treatment at the same time, give us a call and we can arrange both together. 

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Hard Skin, Cracked Heels, Corns and Skin Issues

Your skin is important, treat it right!

Skin issues are common, don't be embarrassed about them! We see and advise on conditions such as athlete's foot (which is a fungal infection), check odd lesions using our dermatology skills and dermatoscope and more.


Callus is more commonly known as hard skin. It is created by pressure and, despite the pain, is your body trying to protect itself! We can treat the hard skin and reduce it, so it isn't painful.

Your heels and prone to callus. Unfortunately, heels can crack and become painful. There is a risk these crack and bleed or become infected. Don't leave them to become a bigger issue, deal with them early.

Corns are, basically, what happens when callus is left too long or pressure becomes higher over an area. Despite popular myths, there is no "root" to a corn (sorry!). Just promise us you won't try a corn plaster...Podiatrists do not approve of them!

Did you know you can get corns between your toes? They can be very painful. Treating callus and corns will give relief.


If it is your first time visiting our practice book an Initial Appointment. If you have been before, a Full Treatment.

Although, you can enhance your experience with a Warm Wax. We apply a nutrient and oil rich Wax to your feet and allow the heat to soothe your feet. It moisturises your skin at a deep level and has long term benefits for skin conditions such as callus and corns and lets you relax and pamper yourself. Sounds good? It is...Full Treatment and Warm Wax is what you want to book.

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Children and Adults can get them and we can help

Verruca are a virus that affect people. They are warts that commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toe area. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is highly contagious through direct person to person contact.

In children, verrucae can resolve themselves over time. Adults, however, that have had a verruca for over 6 months are less likely to have them go on their own without treatment.


In our practice we use treatments with a knowledge and scientific basis to treat your verruca. 

We can use acids or cryotherapy to help resolve your verruca or we can needle and debride the area.

However, the best treatment in clinical tests is Swift Treatment. Swift is a treatment using microwaves to destroy the verruca virus in the skin.

For informtion on Swift please visit https://treatverruca.com/


To book and let us assess and begin treating your verruca, book for an Initial Assessment, if you have a few issues or, for just a verruca, a Verruca Appointment.

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Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis, pain walking, sore first hing in the morning?

You don't want to hobble in pain, be sore walking or have to stop an activity you love. Did you know there are over 40 causes of heel pain? Do you know which of them is causing your pain?

Podiatrists are highly skilled in conditions of the foot and, in clinic, we find the cause and a treatment plan right for you to keep you active and attempt to prevent recurrence. 


Book in for MSK / Sports Podiatry and we will get you back on your feet

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Gait Pain

Are you getting pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back?

Sometimes pain comes at the worst times: walking, kneeling, golfing, running, out with the kids. Is it stopping you doing what you want to do? 

Maybe it isn't you who is in pain. Is it your spouse? 1 of the kids?

We can assess how you walk, run and move and find out what is causing the pain. Pain isn't normal. Don't let it become that way!


Book an MSK / Sports Podiatry Assessment and we can get you moving and back doing what you, or your family, love.

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