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Our newest addition

Posted 1 Mar '20

Our newest addition...


One of our newest additions to the clinic recently was Podosmart, which allows us to track and analyse data about 13 different aspects of your normal walking gait. It’s simple too, all we need is for you to slip your shoes on and go for a walk. Before you do an insole is placed in your footwear and linked to a computer via a Bluetooth connection, and after just 5 minutes we download the data. We are then able to give you a full breakdown of how your foot interacts with the ground while you walk from angles of impact to how long your stride length is, we can even see how symmetric your way of walking is.

But the Podosmart system doesn’t stop there, it allows us to create and evolve your own specific management plan whether it may be by giving you exercises or supplying orthotics to help destress your body. We are also able to compare before and after data samples during your rehabilitation process, so that we can track the improvement.

We understand that sometimes Sports Injuries and rehabilitation can be frustrating where there may be slow progress on occasion. Podosmart is a fantastic tool to indicate how you have improved. We can show you the data and describe in simple terms how we will use it to guide not only our diagnosis but the whole recovery process.

As a family centred practice, we want you to be back on your feet doing the things you enjoy with the people you love as soon as possible. Our focus is to keep you involved in every stage of your treatment, and the Podosmart allows us to update and involve you.

If you are having issues with pain in your feet or legs, then gait analysis may be required to diagnose your problem. Podosmart is now part of all our gait analysis appointments due to the extra detail it can give us. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the system further, feel free to book online or give us a call.