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Originally used in ancient China, acupuncture is a treatment for an assortment of different conditions where fine needles are inserted at various sites around the body for preventative or therapeutic reasons.

Although the origins lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine, many practitioners especially in health care like ourselves apply a Western Medicine methodology with an evidence based approach. This means that we rely on published articles specific to acupuncture and the management of particular conditions to get the best outcomes for our patients. Routinely we will use acupuncture as part of a well thought out treatment plan with multiple components especially when dealing with Sports Injuries.

Acupuncture is used across the UK as a safe and effective treatment for various complaints from muscle injuries to headaches or arthritis to nerve pain.
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How acupuncture works

Acupuncture involves the placement of extremely fine needles into the skin at a number of different locations (called acupuncture points). The points at which the needles are inserted stimulate sensory nerves which enable the release of natural substances like endorphins (for pain relief).

Traditional Chinese Medicine is underpinned by the belief that a life force called Qi (pronounced chee) flows through the body and an inbalance in this life force leads to different illnesses or disorders. The use of acupuncture is therefore believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine to restore the flow of Qi thereby restoring health. There is also thought to be a type of road map that the Qi flows down called meridians, and following these paths gives a more effective outcome following treatment for particular ailments.

At Adam Smith Podiatry and Healthcare we look at individual points that are known to be effective against particular symptoms like swelling and pain and restorative points that engage healing. The importance to us is that we get you back on your feet doing the things you love. More often than not, pain can cover quite large areas, and can be caused by your own body trying to protect itself, we will look at the underlying source of this compensation as well as treating the resultant symptoms. Lower back and sciatic pain is a good example of this. Referred pain may go all the way to your feet, therefore acupuncture may be used on a number of points in the backs of the legs, bum and knees which are particularly good for the treatment of this kind of condition.

Acupuncture has been found to be more effective when needles are placed in both sides of the body not just the affected side and also a course of treatment will have a longer lasting result.

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