Adam Smith Podiatry - Corns And Skin Issues

Hard Skin, Cracked Heels, Corns and Skin Issues

Your skin is important, treat it right!

Don't be in pain, let us help.

Skin issues are common, don't be embarrassed about them! We see and advise on conditions such as athlete's foot (which is a fungal infection), verrucas and even check odd lesions using our dermatology skills and dermatoscope.

Callus is more commonly known as hard skin. It is created by pressure and, despite the pain, it is your body trying to protect itself. We can treat the hard skin and reduce it, so it isn't painful.

Your heels are prone to callus. Unfortunately, heels can crack and become painful. There is a risk if your heels crack they may bleed or become infected. Don't leave them to become a bigger issue, deal with them early.

Corns are, basically, what happens when callus is left too long or pressure becomes higher over an area. Despite popular myths, there is no "root" to a corn (sorry!). Just promise us you won't try a corn plaster...Podiatrists do not approve of them!

Did you know you can get corns between your toes? They can be very painful and may be caused by changes to your toe shape and joints. Treating callus and corns will give relief, but will usually return unless the pressure causing the corn is reduced.

If it is your first time visiting our practice book an Initial Appointment. If you have been before, a Full Treatment.

Although, you can enhance your experience with a Warm Wax. We apply a nutrient and oil rich wax to your feet and allow the heat to soothe your feet. It moisturises your skin at a deep level and has long term benefits for skin conditions such as callus and corns and lets you relax and pamper yourself.

Sound good? It is...Full Treatment and Warm Wax is what you want to book.



We treat your skin, help with your problem and then come up with a long term plan to make you feel great.

Gait Analysis

A lot of skin issues such as hard skin and corns can be linked to how you walk. Why not get an assessment and see the problem could be.

Warm Wax

Warm Wax is luxury. Make your treatment amazing with a warm wax to finish. Essential oils and soothing heat nourishes the skin and leaves you feeling amazing.