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One of the Future Treatments of Medicine

Our team strive to be world class and incorporate the best treatments we can to make you feel like new. The use of medical therapeutic lasers is a big part of the future in medicine. Laser therapy can be used to accelerate healing as well as treat injuries and disease using small amounts of light. Treatment is painless and there are no significant side effects.

Low level lasers can help with many of the conditions we see in clinic such as acute and chronic problems, pain, wounds, musculo-skeletal conditions, neurological pain and nerve damage, skin conditions and diseases. Many problems require only a small number of treatments, treatment times are short and treatment is only provided by experienced, registered healthcare professionals.

Low Level Laser Therapy is not a painkiller. Painkillers do nothing to address the underlying cause of the pain and simply leave the problem to persist or worsen. Low Level Laser Therapy reduces pain because it addresses the cause of the pain, whether that be healing, repair or regeneration.

Steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs suppress normal body processes and simply reduce inflammation and swelling. Low Level Laser Therapy stimulates healing and repair.

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