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We Never Stop

Posted 3 Mar '20

We Never Stop...

A bit of TLC is always welcome and at Adam Smith Podiatry and Healthcare we are just having a bit of a touch up and a new coat of paint. But don’t worry we are still open.

However, we thought we would take this opportunity to give you a wee update on what we’ve been up to recently. As you are probably aware, we strive to be the best clinicians that we can be, and as registered Podiatrists we enjoy developing our knowledge and skills. It is important to us that we can offer the most up to date treatments based on scientific evidence for our patients, as many conditions need a multi-facetted approach in their management. It is for this reason we have invested heavily in new technologies. Indeed, in the past 12 months we have developed our sports injury treatments and diagnostic techniques with the introduction of Laser Therapy, Podosmart Gait Analysis, Kardia, Swift Microwave Treatment, Dermoscopy and Electro-acupuncture as well as a multitude of courses to better advise our patients.

But what are they for?

Laser therapy

Laser therapy can be used to accelerate healing as well as treat injuries and disease using small amounts of light. Treatment is painless and there are no significant side effects.

Podosmart Gait Analysis

Podosmart is our new in-shoe gait analysis system which measures the pressure distribution of your foot while you are walking. We can then analyse the data to show you how we can help manage your condition. It will reveal to us how your foot moves and orientates through every step and the interaction of your foot with your shoe.


Kardia has already been a massive addition to our diagnostic toolkit, helping to diagnose a couple of our patients with irregular heart beats in the short time we have had it. As part of our routine assessment we check your circulation by listening to your pulses in your feet, the Kardia device allows us now to pick up on irregular heart beats too.

Swift Microwave Treatment

Swift has transformed the treatments of verrucae. Verrucae are caused by a very stubborn virus that thrives in the outer layer of the skin, the microwaves from the Swift machine generate heat in the viral tissue and instigate an immune response.


Dermoscopy refers to the examination of the skin using surface microscopy. We do this using a specially designed tool that allows us to see deeper into the layers of the skin and evaluate pigmented lesions. It therefore helps us to quickly diagnose and refer to specialists if there is a risk of skin cancer.


Many of our patients have had successful treatment for a variety of conditions using acupuncture but we can now offer Electro-acupuncture too. A small current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles and has been shown to be particularly effective in the management of pain, muscular and neurological conditions.

We have even found time to totally re-develop our website. It is now a fantastic hub to show you what we are all about with lots of information about treatments as well as regular blogs to help express how passionate we are about helping you and your family carry on doing the things you love. Watch this space though, we already have a few ideas of new treatments and technologies that will be available in the coming months.