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Adam Smith Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Adam Smith

I have always loved fixing things and solving puzzles, so Podiatry is perfect for me! I was born with a clubfoot, so I get some of the issues people have with feet: sore, ugly, embarrassed and I attempt to use my skills to make people feel incredible.

I love to play cricket, watch football, baseball and ice hockey, and have a passion for food. Geeky things such as Sci-fi are my favourites but I am always open to reading or watching other genres.

I am generally happy and chatty. I love to know more about people and am open about myself. My passion is having you leave feeling like you’ve had a chat with a friend and feeling transformed from when you came in.

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2009);  MRCPod;  ProSport Therapist Mentorship Certificate;  Certificate in Applied Lower Limb Anatomy;  Certificate in Soft Tissue Mobilisation;  Certificates in Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation;  Certificate BCI Toenail Reconstruction;  SWIFT Certified;  Medical and Electro Acupuncturist

Introduction to Coaching Skills (University of Cambridge)

Member of Council, Royal College of Podiatry

Physiotherapy Mentorship

Helen Darlington Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Helen Darlington

Originally from Deeside in Aberdeenshire, I moved down to Edinburgh in 2010 to attend Queen Margaret University to study for a degree in Podiatry. Following graduation, I have worked in various NHS and private clinics in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I first came across podiatry as a patient at the age of 12, when I was living in Australia with my family as I was experiencing foot and knee pain when doing sports. I’d like to think my ongoing biomechanical problems make me a more empathetic practitioner as I know how debilitating foot pain can be!

I have a keen interest in MSK podiatry and I am currently undertaking a master’s degree in Advanced Podiatry as a postgraduate with the University of Brighton to gain expertise in this field.


Outside of work, you can find me at the gym, walking my collie X springer spaniel (Corrie) or spending time with family and friends!

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2014);  MRCPod;  SWIFT Certified;  Medical Acupuncturist; Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage; Certificate in Foot and Ankle Mobilisation; Certificate in Verruca Needling

Jill Buchan Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Jill Buchan

I live and grew up in the Scottish Borders. I love the scenery and it is a wonderful place to raise my children. We are an active family and are regularly outdoors or at some activity for the kids.

I qualified from Queen Margaret University in 2011 and worked in private practice ever since. As well as a love for routine podiatry, I am keen in Musculoskeletal studies and Biomechanical issues such as pain caused on activity.

I have a focus and special interest in Podopaediatrics, an area of podiatry focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of Paediatric foot disorders and issues affecting the lower limb. In 2019 I began studying Paediatric Lower Limb Development with Staffordshire University.

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2011); BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science with Psychology;  MRCPod;  SWIFT Certified;  Medical Acupuncturist

Johanna McMullan Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Johanna McMullan

I am originally from near Belfast in Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland in 2008 to study at Queen Margaret University. I love Scotland, it is a beautiful country and there is so many wonderful places to visit around East Lothian. As we spent many family holidays travelling to Scotland it feels like home from home.

I enjoy crafts, reading, walks and exploring local places.

I have worked solely in private practice since I qualified and began working with Adam in 2013. I hope to always be approachable and organised, aiming to make myself, and the business, the best it can be. 

I have a special interest in Cosmetic Podiatry such as Toenail Reconstruction and Warm Wax Therapy treatments, but, I love hands on care such as removing hard skin. I feel it is important to be upto date with the latest technology and techniques, so regularly look at the latest research for the best treatments, such as our Swift Machine.

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2012);  MRCPod;  Certificate in Soft Tissue Mobilisation;  Certificate BCI Toenail Reconstruction;  SWIFT Certified;  Medical and Electro Acupuncturist

Introduction to Coaching Skills (University of Cambridge)

Phil Pearson Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Phil Pearson

Originally from Bolton near Manchester, although not officially a Scot, I moved to Edinburgh at the age of 18 and have spent all my adult life here. I worked in retail for around 10 years with a specialty in fitting technical footwear and from that role I found an interest in biomechanics and podiatric management.

I have been an avid skier from a young age and no matter the year I will always find time to have a wee trip away with the family. When not ‘fixing feet’, I spend most of my time as a taxi driver taking my children to and fro from activities. My daughter is a keen gymnast and dancer and my son, although only 6, is particularly good at tennis. He recently had a training session with none other than Judy Murray.

MSc Chemistry;  BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2019);  CertAcc;  MRCPod;  Sidas Custom Orthoses Specialist and Trainer;  SWIFT Certified;  Qualification in Verruca Needling;  Medical Acupuncturist

Rachel Hannigan Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Rachel Hannigan

I am from Donegal in the North West of Ireland, and came to Edinburgh to study Podiatry at Queen Margaret University. After graduation I began working in a busy private clinic in Dundee while working on a Masters Degree in Diabetes. I became interested in Podiatry from a young age having had a multitude of problems and regular visits to our podiatrist.

I am very outdoorsie, and enjoy spending my time in the beautiful hills around the local area and further afield in Scotland. Although I love to try new foods, I am not the greatest cook. But there is nothing better for me after a busy week than binge watching a box set with my boyfriend on a Friday night.

MSc Diabetes;  BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2017);  MRCPod;  Certificate in Soft Tissue Mobilisation; Certificates in Foot and Ankle Joint Mobilisation;  Qualification in Verruca Needling;  SWIFT Certified; Medical Acupuncturist

Kayleigh Baxter Podiatrist / Acupuncturist
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Kayleigh Baxter

Coming from the far shores of sunny Fife, and starting my working life as a Postie working for the Royal Mail. I came into podiatry from an interest in sports rehabilitation. However the diversity offered within the podiatrists role meant that I soon realised that I enjoyed the domiciliary care of helping patients who weren't able to routinely get to a clinic. 

I am very active whether it's working out with my fiancé in the gym or going to the beach with my dog, Ninja. But watch out! Not only do I have a caring side but I also have a black belt in Karate, participating in a number of competitions. 

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Qualified 2019);  MRCPod;  SWIFT Certified;  Qualification in Verruca Needling; Certificate in Nail Reconstruction;  Medical Acupuncturist

Some of our values


We LOVE to help people and families in East Lothian and surrounding areas find the true cause of their pain, so that they can enjoy and maintain a happier, healthier life doing the things they love the most.


We LOVE to help people and their families get back to living the life they deserve and make meaningful impacts on their lives. We listen to your story and aim to give you back the confidence to do the things you love, which means a life free from worry or stress and back to a healthier, happier, pain-free lifestyle.


Honesty: We look at 'You' the person as a whole and not just the sight of your pain. We are always honest and allow you to understand your story crystal clear with the aim to find the true cause of your problem and design a bespoke plan with you to achieve your ideal outcome.

Excellence: We are passionate about the people we treat and we strive to achieve excellence. We aim to give you back the confidence to doing the things you love, without any stress or worry about the pain returning.

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