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At this point in time the Covid-19 pandemic is restricting access of many patients to their usual healthcare and the term ‘high risk’ is being used as a method to screen people. However, we realise that many people aren’t aware of what this means to you. This ambiguity is resulting in a great deal of confusion in whether you should seek treatment from us or not. Currently we are operating a reduced service in the clinic and a diminished availability in home visits, this is not only to protect our podiatrists and employees but also in lessening the risk to our patients especially those self-isolating with underlying health conditions. Our current availability for appointments therefore is being managed by whether there is an underlying risk of complications if our patients don't get treatment. We have created a couple of different tools to clarify this and help you seek the right type of appointment that is available for you at this time.

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If this is relevant to you then please contact us, if you are unsure try our appointment guide below...

Try our appointment guide...

Just click on the answer to the question on the screen and follow the guidance recommended.

Do you have any underlying medical conditions that affect your circulation or sensation to your feet?

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Are you able to check your feet daily?

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Do you have a wound or suspected infection on your foot?

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Are you in pain?

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Is the pain from an injury?

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You aren't an emergency but we can still help

Please book an online appointment via video conference

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Please hold off booking at the moment

We are more than happy to see you when there is decreased risk from Covid-19, if anything changes and you need some additional advice please call us.

Thank you for your understanding.