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We want to let you know about us, our practices and give you information on conditions and how Podiatry can help.

How do I know if I'm high risk?

Due to the restricted access to healthcare because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought it would be a good idea to clarify who should be getting seen in the clinic or at home.

Online appointments

During the uncertain times of the nCovid-19 pandemic, we are looking into ways to continue to help our patients. From the start of April, we will be offering online appointments via video chat for sports injuries and foot pain.

Covid-19 Response

Our clinic response and plans for Covid-19 and how we are working hard to keep you safe.

The Road To Success

Are you running a marathon or 10K this year? Have a look at our blog for a few tips.

We never stop

The clinic is getting some plastering and a new coat of paint, so we thought this would be the ideal opportunity to bring you up to date one what we have been up too recently.

Our newest addition

One of our newest additions to the clinic recently was Podosmart, which allows us to track and analyse data about 13 different aspects of your normal walking gait. 

Sports Podiatry

What is Sports Podiatry and how can it help me?

Why did we become Podiatrists?

Adam, Jill and Johanna discuss why they became Podiatrists and what they enjoy about the profession.

What is Podiatry?!

What is Podiatry?! Why did we decide to work with feet?!